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- Flöde: 4-16 m³/tim.
- Arbetstemperatur: 5-60°C.


Används för dricksvatten och processvatten. Serien innefattar tre modeller. Anläggningen består av en cylindrisk reaktor i syrefast stål med spektrotherm UV-lampa monterad i kvartsrör.


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  • Drinking water
  • Water for processes
  • Warm water / legionellae
  • Application example: Warm water system

A series UV Disinfection Systems

The latest generation of biodosimetrically certified type A series systems satisfies all requirements for reliable and forward-looking disinfection of your potable or process water. The efficient WEDECO Spektrotherm lamps facilitate extremely compact design and guarantee maximum disinfection of water at all temperatures from hot to very cold. The type A series destroys bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites and cryptosporidiae efficiently and environmentally compatibly, without using chemicals.


Drinking water

For well water, spring discharges or processed surface water - the new A series is always the right choice, especially for small and medium-sized water utilities and decentralized water supplies.

The certified systems (400 J/m2) ensure compliance with all microbiological parameters of the German drinking water ordinance, without causing any change to the smell or taste of the potable water. Unlike chlorination, UV disinfection does not result in the formation of harmful by-products. Your potable water retains its natural quality.

The WEDECO UV monitoring system (SEC) is certified to DVGW and ÖNORM and gives you reliable and continuous control of disinfection performance.

Process water

UV disinfection is ideal for improving the quality of raw water and preventing microorganisms from multiplying during the storage or treatment of process or production water. The production of high-quality food products, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals depends on the perfect micro-biological quality of the water that is used.

UV disinfection causes a drastic reduction in the number of microorganisms without impairing water quality. UV systems have also been successfully used in other processes, such as rinsing, cooling cycles and water recycling.

Thanks to their high quality standard and known excellent disinfection performance, type A series WEDECO UV systems are used successfully in industrial processes worldwide.

Warm water/Legionellae

UV disinfection is an eminently suitable method of killing dangerous legionellae, which are often present in hot water systems. The Hygiene Institute of the University of Bonn has checked the effectiveness of the WEDECO A series for inactivating legionellae.

In comparison with conventional UV lamps, the temperature-stable Spektrotherm lamp guarantees the best disinfection results, also in hot water.

Technical Data

Flow Rate max.* (m3/h)

Flow Rate max.* (m3/h)